Beor360 is a brand of craft beer, brewed and bottled in Bhutan. They  are experimental in their approach to beer making, while still being true to its craft. They wished to be seen as a gender-neutral, sophisticated yet approachable brand.

For the same reason, the identity is custom cut with a mix of curved and sharp edges. The unit mimics a reflection and the three diamonds at the end allude to the ellipsis, denoting an endless endeavour. The mnemonic is an open ended chain and holds the same values. To ensure ease of usage, the identity system caters to a dynamic and responsive environment.
Characteristics of inspiration, wisdom, serenity and opulence are reaffirmed in the primary colour palette with a mix of blues, white and gold whereas the secondary colour palette remains purely product driven and open ended.

This project was done at Dentsu Mcgarrybowen.