A nationwide campaign #ChutkiMeinGayab was designed to launch the ‘Mother Dairy Cow Milk’ brand that caters to children between the ages of 1-7 years in India.

This campaign proved to be highly successful as product sales boosted manifold at the time. It continues to run today in phases, nation wide.

I was responsible for the campaign design under the guidance of my team leader at Ogilvy, Delhi.
Market testing showed that the highlight of the product was its taste, which was statistically better than the competitors’. To highlight this, the tagline reads ‘Milk finishes in a Jiffy’ in Hindi. The girl is also named ‘Chutki’ (Jiffy), a common name in India.

For the imagery, there is special focus on the variety of expressions. Here, the mischievious girl chutki, dons different avatars while at play. The visual language is playful and colourful, moving away from the stereotypical pink used for girls; eventhough pink is the brand colour.

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